why i'm writing this

If you scroll down far enough, you’ll find a lot of Jesus. I kept those posts intentionally. I’m here to process the dizzying, radical awakening I’ve experienced over these last few years.

Some of you are heartbroken that I’ve left the faith. Please feel free to pray for me, I feel your love and your heart for my safety and healing. However, I don’t choose to debate apologetics because those conversations don’t bridge differences, they just further isolate us from each other. I appreciate your desire to share truth, but please don’t send me bible verses condemning my choices or especially articles and videos about ex-gay Christians. Keep in mind that I’ve already received those messages from so many others, and those conversations only serve to open old wounds of anger and hurt. I want to hear from you, but I’m only open to equal human-to-human connection.

I’ve already heard so many stories from you sharing your own journeys through toxic Christianity. Some of you have left the faith altogether, others have found new healing ways to practice your beliefs. Please please keep sending them to me, you make me feel strong. Our voices matter.

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